Hello Darling... toffees, cheese, wine and of course Evita!

I've not spent much time in Darling really, so it was a bit of luck to have a gap in our busy day seeing wineries - to have a little wander around the lovely town up the west coast.  It was not flower season, (usually Spring), so we could really focus on the other delights in Darling, of which there are plenty! Jamie-Lee Appolis joined as a PYDA Graduate in Nov 2018, and she had not yet ventured out to Darling before and her delight with the town was so refreshing to witness.

Wines of course are a major factor when visiting Darling, with Darling Cellars, Groote Post, Ormonde, Cloof being the main ones, and all you need to do is pop into the wonderful little shop on the main road - the Darling Wine Shop, owned by legend Charles Withington, to find all these and more right there.
Next door is the Udderly Delicious cheese shop, but we were a bit disappointed with the presentation - it was difficult to figure out whose cheese it was.  I loved all those we tasted however,  and did purchase some, but it would be great to be able to see the names of those one is tasting and buying.   

Of course one should never visit Darling without a visit to Pieter-Dirk Uys' Evita se Perron. Such a wonderful ''Museum Nauseum'" as he calls it.  Paraphernalia from the apartheid era presented with such a great sense of humour! Tannie Evita of course is everywhere - it is a theatre, venue, garden and restaurant. 
Pieter-Dirk is a legendary performer and activist - and his schedule for the year is exhausting!  Do make a plan to see and eat something there - it will be unforgettable.

published on: Thursday, 28 February 2019
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