Winemag Label Design Awards announced at Hazendal

Rotolabel have been the main sponsor of this competition since inception and added 2 co-sponsors Synchron and UPM Raflatac. Winemag coordinate the awards and have an experienced set of judges, with 83 entries this year and 30 receiving medals.  I was, however, surprised that there were no people of colour (POC) in the judging panel. I wonder how this influences things.  Do black people see labels and designs differently?  

This year's wine labels seemed to have much more embossing  than before and seems to be the flavour of the year.  Perhaps with technology advancing in the design and printing side, this is inevitable. This year saw the first box wine (in a different league box wine, says owner Ben Wren) winning an award too. Such a stylish 3L box too with delicious sauvignon blanc made by Wine Thief Ewan McKenzie.

I really loved the Oldenburg <CL° - and as their marketing manager Marthelize Tredoux explained to me ''It is CL for Stellenbosch, but less than Stellenbosch, and also measuring degrees, so it is saying it is cooler than Stellenbosch!''  Really fun and interesting!  

There is such beautiful and intricate art work on so many of the labels, like Etienne Louw's Vinoneers labels... stunning!  
Another favourite was the unusual Spider Pig - simple, clean and so cute!  And the delightful Tread Lightly by Backsberg and Berene Sauls' Tesselaarsdal label of her Pinot Noir.
There are so many new wines and stunning labels out there - the consumer is spoilt for choice

The judging criteria focuses originality of concept, execution, shelf appeal and effectiveness as a piece of communication, and this year's Grand Prix went to The Wine Thief Series and The People’s Choice Award, determined by online public voting, went to Black Elephant Vintners & Co. The Honey Thief - also a stunning warm and amusing label with the bear stealing the honey!

published on: Thursday, 14 March 2019
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