South African Young Wine Show 2022 regional champions

South African Young Wine Show 2022 regional champions
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SA Young Wine Show announces the regional champions of their annual competition for young wines made in the same year.

The results of the South African Young Wine Show will be announced at a gala dinner hosted by Agri-Expo on Friday 26 August 2022 at the Johann Graue Hall at Nederburg. All the young wines that have been entered from the regions were judged by specialist judging panels at the end of July  and the best wine from each of the 17 classes will be crowned as the Trophy winner in each class.

Today we are publishing the results from each of the regions.


Champion Dry White Blend:  Slanghoek Kelder Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon

Reserve Champion:  De Wet Kelder Chardonnay/Clairette Blanche (wooded)

Champion Chenin Blanc:  De Wet Kelder Chenin Blanc (wooded)

Reserve Champion:  Slanghoek Kelder Chenin Blanc

Champion Chardonnay:  Badsberg Kelder Chardonnay (wooded)

Reserve Champion:  Nuy Kelder Chardonnay

Champion Sauvignon Blanc:  Breëland Kelder Sauvignon Blanc

Reserve Champion:  De Wet Kelder Sauvignon Blanc (wooded)

Champion Sémillon:  Cilmor Winery Sémillon (wooded)

Reserve Champion:  Merwida Kelder Sémillon

Champion Other White Cultivar:  Botha Kelder Nouvelle

Reserve Champion:  De Wet Kelder Clairette Blanche (wooded)

Champion Natural Sweet White Table Wine:  De Wet Kelder Clairette Blanche/White Muscadel

Reserve Champion:  Slanghoek Kelder  Rooi Muskadel Blanc de Noir

Champion Red Blend:  Brandvlei Kelder Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz

Reserve Champion:  Botha Kelder Pinotage/Shiraz/Merlot/Duriff (wooded)

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon:  Botha Kelder Cabernet Sauvignon (wooded)

Champion Pinotage:  Badsberg Kelder Pinotage (wooded)

Reserve Champion:  Mountain Ridge Vineyards Pinotage

Champion Merlot:  Aan de Doorns Kelder Merlot

Reserve Champion:  De Wet Kelder Merlot (wooded)

Champion Shiraz:  Brandvlei Kelder Shiraz

Reserve Champion:  uniWines Vineyards Shiraz (wooded)

Champion Other Red:  Aan de Doorns Kelder Ruby Cabernet

Reserve Champion:  Badsberg Kelder Ruby Cabernet (wooded)

Champion Muscat Fortified Wine:  Badsberg Kelder Hanepoot Jerepigo

Reserve Champion:  Aan de Doorns Kelder Rooi Muskadel Jerepigo

Champion Non Muscat Fortified Wine:  Badsberg Kelder Rooi Jerepigo

Reserve Champion:  Botha Kelder Wit Jerepigo

Winery with 5 best nominated wines

1st:  De Wet Kelder;  2nd:  Badsberg Kelder;  3rd:  Botha Kelder

Champion wine:  Badsberg Kelder Chardonnay (wooded)

Reserve Champion:  Slanghoek Kelder Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon


Champion Chardonnay:  Montagu Wynkelder Chardonnay (wooded)

Reserve Champion:  Montagu Wynkelder Chardonnay (wooded)

Champion Chenin Blanc:  Montagu Wynkelder Chenin Blanc

Reserve Champion:  Montagu Wynkelder Chenin Blanc (wooded)

Champion Colombar:  Montagu Wynkelder Colombar

Reserve Champion:  Montagu Wynkelder Colombar

Champion Sauvignon Blanc:   Montagu Wynkelder Sauvignon Blanc

Reserve Champion:  Montagu Wynkelder Sauvignon Blanc

Champion Dry White Table wine:  Montagu Wynkelder Colombar

Reserve Champion:  Montagu Wynkelder Sauvignon Blanc

Reserve Champion:  De Krans Wynkelder Sauvignon Blanc

Champion Natural Sweet White Table wine:  Calitzdorp Wynkelder Chenin Blanc/Colombar

Reserve Champion:  Calitzdorp Wynkelder Hanepoot/Colombar

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon:  Jakkalsvlei Wynkelder Cabernet Sauvignon (wooded)

Champion Merlot:  Montagu Wynkelder Merlot

Reserve Champion:  Calitzdorp Wynkelder Merlot (wooded)

Champion Pinotage:  Montagu Wynkelder Pinotage

Champion Ruby Cabernet:  Montagu Wynkelder Ruby Cabernet

Reserve Champion:  Calitzdorp Wynkelder Ruby Cabernet (wooded)

Champion Shiraz:  Montagu Wynkelder Shiraz

Reserve Champion:  Montagu Wynkelder

Champion Red Table Wine:  Montagu Wynkelder Merlot

Reserve Champion:  Calitzdorp Wynkelder Merlot (wooded)

Champion Non Muscat Fortified Wine:  De Krans Wynkelder Cape Vintage

Reserve Champion: De Krans Wynkelder Cape Tawny

Champion Muscat Fortified Wine:  Montagu Wynkelder Red Muscadel

Reserve Champion:  Montagu Wynkelder Red Muscadel

Champion Wine:  Montagu Wynkelder Colombar

Reserve Champion:  De Krans Wynkelder Cape Vintage

Champion Producer Cellar:  Montagu Wynkelder

Reserve Champion:  Calitzdorp Wynkelder

Champion Private Cellar:  De Krans Wynkelder

Reserve Champion:  Jakkalsvlei Wynkelder



Champion White Cultivar: Klawer Wines Chenin Blanc

Champion Natural Sweet White wine:  Klawer Wines Hanepoot

Champion Chenin Blanc:  Klawer Wines Chenin Blanc

Champion Red Blend:  Namaqua Wines (Spruitdrift) Malbec/Shiraz

Champion Pinotage:  Namaqua Wines (Spruitdrift) Pinotage

Champion Shiraz:  Namaqua Wines (Spruitdrift) Shiraz

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon:  Namaqua Wines (Spruitdrift) Cabernet Sauvignon (wooded)

Champion Ruby Cabernet:  Namaqua Wines (Spruitdrift) Ruby Cabernet

Champion Red Cultivar:  Namaqua Wines (Spruitdrift) Shiraz

Champion Red Cultivar Wooded:  Namaqua Wines (Spruitdrift) Shiraz (wooded)

Champion Sweet wine:  Namaqua Wines (Vredendal) Red Muscadel Jerepigo

Champion wine:  Namaqua Wines (Vredendal) Red Muscadel Jerepigo



Champion Dry White Blend: Robertson Koop Colombard/Morio Muscat

Champion Chenin Blanc:  Van Loveren Chenin Blanc

Champion Sauvignon Blanc:  Ashton Winery Sauvignon Blanc

Champion Chardonnay:  Bon Courage Chardonnay

Champion Colombar:  Van Loveren Colombar

Champion Sweetish White wine:  Van Loveren Natural Sweet Muscat

Champion Other White Cultivar:  Robertson Koop Morio Muscat

Champion NLH:  Ashton Winery NLH

Champion Dry Red Blend:  Robertson Koop Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz/Ruby Cabernet

Champion Pinotage:  Roodezandt Pinotage

Champion Shiraz:  Bon Courage Shiraz

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon:  Bonnievale Wynkelder Cabernet Sauvignon (wooded)

Champion Merlot:  Van Loveren Merlot (wooded)

Champion Pinot Noir:  Robertson Koop Pinot Noir (wooded)

Champion Other Red Cultivar:  Van Loveren Carignan

Champion Cape Style:  Bon Courage Cape Vintage

Champion Muscadel:  Ashton Winery Red Muscadel

Champion Wine:  Van Loveren Natural Sweet Muscat

Best 5 Entries:  Van Loveren



Champion White Blend:  Stellenbosch Hills Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon

Champion Chardonnay:  Benguela Cove Wine Estate Chardonnay (wooded)

Champion Chenin Blanc:  Spier Wines Chenin Blanc

Champion Sauvignon Blanc:  Kleine Zalze Wines Sauvignon Blanc (wooded)

Champion White wine – Wooded:  Benguela Cove Wine Estate Chardonnay

Algemene Champion White Table wine:  Benguela Cove Wine Estate Chardonnay (wooded)

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon:  Kaapzicht Cabernet Sauvignon

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon – Wooded:  Alto Wine Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Champion Merlot – Wooded:  Benguela Cove Wine Estate Merlot

Champion Pinotage:  Koelenhof Wynkelder Pinotage

Champion Pinotage – Wooded:  Flagstone Wynkelder Pinotage

Champion Shiraz – Wooded:  Neethlinshof Landgoed Shiraz

Champion Other Red Cultivar:  Flagstone Winery Petit Verdot (wooded)

Algemene Champion Red Table Wine:  Flagstone Winery Petit Verdot (wooded)



 Champion Dry White Blend:  Darling Cellars Sauvignon Blanc/Chenin Blanc

Champion Chenin Blanc:  Riebeek Valley Wine Co Chenin Blanc

Champion Sauvignon Blanc:  Groote Post Sauvignon Blanc

Champion Other White Cultivar:  Darling Cellar Sémillon (wooded)

Champion Natural Sweet White Wine:  Darling Cellars Sauvignon Blanc/Grenache

Champion Dry Red Blend:  Darling Cellars Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon/Petit Syrah

Champion Pinotage:  Darling Cellars Pinotage

Champion Shiraz:  Riebeek Valley Wine Co Shiraz

Champion Merlot:  Pulpit Rock Wines Merlot (wooded)

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon:  Darling Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

Champion Cinsaut:  Darling Cellars Cinsaut (wooded)

Champion Other Red Cultivar:  Darling Cellars Petit Syrah

Champion Fortified Wine:  Allesverloren Estate Wines Cape Vintage

Champion Wine:  Darling Cellars Sémillon (wooded)

Best 5 Entries:  Darling Cellars



Champion Dry White & Rosé:  OWK (Kakamas) Sauvignon Blanc (Wooded)

Reserve Champion:  OWK (Kakamas) Colombard/Sauvignon Blanc (Wooded)

Champion Natural Sweet White & Rose:  OWK (Kakamas) Colombar

Reserve Champion:  OWK (Kakamas) Colombard/Hanepoot

Best Performance with White Wine:  OWK (Kakamas)

Champion Red Wine:  OWK (Grootdrink) Pinotage (Wooded)

Reserve Champion:  OWK (Grootdrink) Pinotage

Best Performance with Red Wine:  OWK (Grootdrink)

Champion Non Muscat Fortified Wine:  OWK (Keimoes) Cape Ruby

Reserve Champion:  OWK (Keimoes) White Jerepigo

Champion Muscat Fortified Wine:  OWK (Keimoes) Red Muscadel (Wooded)

Reserve Champion Muscat Fortified Wine:  OWK (Keimoes) Red Muscadel

Best Performance with Fortified wines:  OWK (Keimoes)

Best 5 Entries:  OWK (Keimoes)

Best Overall Performance:  OWK (Kakamas)

2nd Best Overall:  OWK (Keimoes)

Champion wine:  OWK (Grootdrink) Pinotage (wooded)


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